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Promoting Academic Student Success: PASS 0900-Fort Campbell
Course Syllabus Fall I 2018

Instructor:  Ellen Smyth
Office Location: AP Building @ FC,
Room 217
Phone:   931-221-1443

Course/Section:  PASS 0900-W1
On-Campus Office Hours:  Monday & Wednesday: 11 to noon; Tuesday & Thursday: By appointment
E-mail:  smythe@apsu.edu


Course Purpose

The purpose of Promoting Academic Student Success (PASS 0900) is to assist students who have been placed on academic probation during their freshmen year and students returning from academic suspension. Participation in the PASS course is a mandatory requirement for freshmen on probation and for all students who successfully appeal an academic suspension. Much of your success in college, in your career, and in your life will depend on attitude, hard work, and knowing how to implement learning strategies that work best for you. The PASS Program is designed as an academic-strengthening program to provide students the academic and personal support needed for college success.

Course Requirements

Student Learning Objectives

As a result of your full participation in this course and additional required activities, you will be able to:

  1. Identify attitudes and beliefs that may be affecting your academic performance.

  2. Analyze personal circumstances contributing to your academic difficulties.

  3. Complete a Plan for Academic Success.

  4. Identify individual strengths and weaknesses in the areas of: attitude, motivation, time management, anxiety, concentration, information processing, selecting main ideas, study aids, self-testing, and test strategies.

  5. Strengthen areas in which weaknesses are identified.

  6. Identify individual learning styles and abilities.

  7. Develop and articulate academic and career goals.

  8. Identify academic resources and support services important for academic success.

Online Class Policies

Evaluation & Grading

Points Grade Item
70 Completion of all seven assigned LASSI Instructional Modules with all activities submitted:  6 Modules @ 10 pts each
45 Class participation: Discussion Board - Reading, posting, and responding to 9 various discussion topics @ 5 pts each
50 Quizzes and Survey (Contact Information Survey, Attitude Quiz, Memory Quiz, Time Management Quiz, Test Taking Tips Quiz)
20 Pre- and Post-LASSI Test
8 Pre- and Post-Academic Self-Assessment
3 Plan for Academic Success
4 Learning Styles Inventory
200 Total Points

Passing PASS

To earn a grade of P (Pass) you must earn at least 70% of the total points, or 140 points, and meet all the mandatory requirements listed in the Course Requirements section of this syllabus.

As part of departmental policy, students who go for longer than one week at any time during the semester without logging into the course may receive a grade of FA for the course.

Learning Materials

All learning materials are provided inside D2L for free to students.  These materials include:

  1. Weinstein, Claire E., David R. Palmer, and Ann C. Shulte. (2002) Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) 2nd Ed. H & H Publishing.

  2. Becoming a Strategic Learner, LASSI Instructional Modules, H & H Publishing. Students will complete all of these online modules.