Data & Statistics Projects


Survey Design Proposal

Austin Peay Building at Fort Campbell

Pre-Project Report

Groups: First, you should immediately choose a group of either three to five (face-to-face) or four to seven (online) compatible colleagues and, after gaining permission from other group members, you should email me your group members (  You should also choose a group leader - choose someone who is extraordinarily dedicated to school and this class and doing well because the success of the entire group depends on how dedicated your group leader is.  If you have any group trouble throughout the course, please let me know so I can help.  Group conflict needs to be resolved right away.

The first, pre-project report is your proposal for how you will gather your data.  Because we've not yet covered how to gather data, I will have lots of feedback to give you, which I will do the day after the due date, and so all surveys should not be collected until after the group has read and incorporated my feedback.  In other words, surveys should be conducted between one day and four days after the pre-project due date and should reflect pre-project feedback in the dropbox

Through the D2L dropbox, submit your pre-project report:  a brief, one paragraph synopsis of who you will survey, when, where, and how as well as the list of proposed questions (at least five questions, of which at least two have quantitative answers and one has categorical answers) with the disclaimer that you will be reading to all participants before surveying saying, Note that your answers will only be used anonymously for a class project and will not be published anywhere. With your group, create and submit a single, MS Word document containing:

1. A list of all of the members of your group, identifying clearly the group leader and backup group leader,
2. The date, time, length, members present, and method (e.g., in-person, via phone, via Skype or similar platforms that will let the group talk live at the same time) of your group meeting,
3. A brief, one paragraph synopsis of
      a. who (who is your target population?),
      b. when (exact dates and times between 2 and 5 days after pre-project is due to me),
      c. where (exact locations - including all business names and addresses - should be given for each survey collection),
      d. and how (describe the process), and
4. The proposed list of questions (at least five questions, of which at least two have quantitative answers and one has categorical answers).

Only your most recent submission will be graded. All other submissions are overwritten.

General:  The main goal in this project is for your group to successfully design and implement a survey gathering data of a non-sensitive nature from adults.  Though an example pre-project report is provided, I strongly encourage you to be unique and creative in your survey design and questions, following the established survey design principles discussed in Chapter 1*.  You may ask any audience about any theme of questions as long as all of your participants are adults and all of your questions are not of a sensitive nature (e.g., sexual orientation, politics, religion).  The best projects are when groups design questions they really care about and really want to know the answers to.  A secondary goal for this project is to use the methods you learn in Part 1 of the text to organize, analyze, and present the data you've collected.

Meetings:  Texting is not meeting.  D2L (or any typed) discussions are not meeting.  Before each of the three reports (Pre-Project, Project 1, and Project 2) is due, groups should meet either in person, via phone conference, or via Skype or Zoom or similar technology that allows all members to talk live for a total of at least three meetings.  Set up and discuss meeting times in your project group discussion topic in D2L, choosing a time where the most group members can meet.  Not all group members need to be involved in the meeting when schedules make that impractical.  All students are, however, required to contribute to each report to receive credit.

During the pre-project report meeting, please invite me. I will try to make meeting times (via phone or Skype) as my schedule allows. You should discuss what sorts of questions you want to ask as well as who, when, where and how you'll ask.  Someone should be designated to take notes and use those notes to write up the pre-project report. 


Critical Guidelines:   Everything for the pre-project report above is your proposal for how you'll collect your data and what you are collecting.  The purpose of the proposal is so I can give you feedback before you collect that data!  So survey dates above should be between one day after the pre-project is due to me (see the syllabus) and four days after.  All members should post their data to D2L using the format in the table below.  On the fourth or fifth day, one group member should compile everyone's data into one raw data table for the entire group (which will go into the appendix of the Project 1 report for next time) and post that data to D2L.

Every question should have exactly one answer.  No multiple-part questions should be asked.  No questions that might have multiple answers should be asked. 

Quantitative questions should never give choices or ranges of values but should simply record the single number that the subject gives.  If the subject says something like 2 or 3, ask if the average (2.5 in that case) is acceptable, and record that single number.

At least 30 total data values should be collected for the group.

Example Appendix Data Table