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Printable TI-84 Calculator Guide for APSU Statistics (by Martin Golson)

Texas Instrament's Calculator Help


Calculator: Introduction Videos


Calculator:  Histogram by IntroStats

Calculator:  1-Var Stats:  Mean, Sample Standard Deviation, Population Standard Deviation, 5 Number Summary (Minimum, Q1, Median, Q3, Maximum)

Calculator:  Scatterplots & Graphing a (Regression) Line

Calculator:  Correlation r-value, Linear Regression Equation of y = a + bx, and & Graphing a (Regression) Line, and r^2

Calculator:  Random Integers

Calculator:  Mean (Expected Value, Mu) and Standard Deviation (Sigma) of Discrete Random Variables (DRVs) in Probability Distributions

Calculator:  Find z-scores Given Probability (Area) & Vice Versa

Calculator:  Factorials and Binomial Coefficients

Calculator:  Binomial Probability by MoMMessEh

Calculator:  Confidence Intervals and Hypotheses Tests for One and Two Population Proportions

Calculator:  Confidence Intervals for One Population Mean


Calculator:  Hypotheses Tests for One Population Proportion


Calculator:  Hypotheses Tests for One Population Mean