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xkcd statistics comic

Ellen Smyth
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Office:  Austin Peay Building @ FC, Room 217
Telephone:  931-221-1443
Email:  smythe@apsu.edu

Office Hours
Monday-Friday:  By appointment

About me:  I love math, of course, and I particularly enjoy statistics where your imagination can meld with the real and practical world by using data to support (or contradict) your hypotheses.  In addition to math, I love a lot of technology and I have many obsessions.  My biggest obsession is Harry Potter, but I also love geeky, obsessive shows like

  1. Lost (episode titles alone make the show worth watching),
  2. Battlestar Galactica (gotta love Gaius),
  3. Firefly (pure writing genius), and
  4. The IT Crowd (Roy's t-shirts are the best). 

I love children's literature like Harry Potter, of course, as well as

  1. Anne of Green Gables (named our firstborn for this kindred spirit),
  2. Narnia (brilliantly told), and
  3. Alice (written by a mathematician).

I applied to be a student of Lost University, but it turns out I am not very good.  Even though I love the show, the devil is in the details.  The LU guys are so sweet, though, that they let me have a card despite my loss of Lost trivia!

Lost University Card

I bet you guessed that this isn't a current image of me, didn't you? The picture is actually of Emma, my youngest, when she was about 1.2 years old.